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ProAcc is a multi-client, multi-user accounting software solution for professional accountants and bookkeepers. ProAcc allows you to prepare accounting records for your clients up to the Trial Balance and General Ledger stage, and thereafter automatic IFRS compliant financial statements with its integrated spreadsheet and word processor.

ProAcc is one of the most cost-effective, easy to use and efficient accounting solutions on the market today. Its speed, productivity benefits, low learning curve, spreadsheet & word processor integration are unmatched by competing software.

Summary of features

  • Easy to use and intuitive Data Entry screens which have been designed to save time.

  • Unique batch unpost, import and export features

  • Vat Processing & Reports

  • Allows editing of general ledger transactions directly with automatic balancing of the bank account.

  • Full featured Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel compatible) and Word processor for producing professional financial statements, schedules, auditors reports etc, efficiently and quickly.

  • Supports both yearly and monthly accounting. Up to 13 periods supported for monthly accounting.

  • Automatic profit distribution, balance forwarding and journal reversing at year end.

  • Easy to use Bank Reconciliation facility & reports.

  • Automatically stores annual balances of accounts for the last 5 years and periodic balances for last year. Financial Statements can be produced on any or all of these prior years or periods.

  • Supplied with a complete of set Chart of Accounts and Financial Report Templates to get you started quickly.

  • Multiple Chart of Account templates supported

  • Professional high quality flexible accounting reports with support also for printing on laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers.

  • Integrated high speed, client Backup and Restore system using the very best zip compression technology.

  • Built-in client time recording - Tracks the amount of time you spend on your clients and calculates the fees due to you.

  • Multi-user (optional) - with full workgroups and network monitoring features

  • Support for Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.

  • Full compatibility with our accounting software for small to medium sized businesses - Ace Accounting. Your clients that use Ace Accounting can provide you with their backup, which you can seamlessly restore in ProAcc with having to do any conversions or imports etc. You can thereafter finalise and prepare the Annual financial statements by using our templates.

  • Context sensitive online help