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Detailed description of features

  • Integrated Spreadsheet & Word processor


Integrated Spreadsheet

ProAcc’s built-in spreadsheet is similar and compatible with Microsoft Excel. It contains the tools needed to analyze, manipulate, and present your data professionally for financial statements, reports and schedules.

The spreadsheet can be used to produce client financial statements or any another accounting schedules efficiently. You no longer have to type your financial statements in a word processor or typewriter!

ProAcc’s spreadsheet can be linked to your client’s trial balance. Using the spreadsheet’s set of accounting and spreadsheet functions you can prepare professional financial statements quickly and easily. You are not required to remember or master complex report commands. If you know how to use a spreadsheet like MS Excel, Lotus 123 or Quattro, you will be productive with ProAcc’s spreadsheet within minutes.

Once a set of financial statements has been prepared for a client, financial statements need not be re-typed or redone every year. Any transactions posted, or any changes made to the client’s ledger and trial balance is immediately reflected in the financial statement reports.

You do not even have to prepare financial statements for your clients, because standard financial statement templates are provided with ProAcc, to get you started immediately. The templates include complete GAAP compliant financial statements for : companies, close corporations, trusts, sole proprietors, partnerships etc. Once a template is imported into a client, little or no amendments have to done to the financial statement report.

If necessary, you can even create a new set of financial report templates, based on your companies existing Chart of Accounts.

Word processor

Integrated Word processor

The built-in word processor offers standard word-processing features and can be used to produce auditors / accounting officer reports, directors / members reports, minutes, correspondence to clients etc. The wordprocessor includes a built-in spell checker.

The word processor also offers an advanced feature's whereby client details and Trial Balance accounts can be pasted and linked to a word processor document. The account name, value or value as text of a Trial Balance account can be displayed in the document and automatically updated when the client’s Trial Balance changes.

Note : Both the Spreadsheet and Word processor have full support for colour. If necessary you can print your financial statements in full colour on your colour inkjet or laser printer.


  • Easy & Initutive use Data Entry screens

ProAcc's Data Entry screens are easy to use and have been designed to minimise data entry time so that staff productivity and efficiency can be maximised.

The data entry screens include the following features :

  • Quick entry of dates, account codes, vat status and amounts

  • Stores history of previous transaction descriptions which can be retrieved quickly, instead of repeatedly typing descriptions

  • Remembers the account code that a particular transaction description was posted to previously and automatically enters this code in the account field when this description is repeated again.

  • Automatic incrementing of dates and reference numbers.

  • Automatic repeating of all data entry fields.

  • Account codes can be viewed or added on the fly.

  • Complete list of already captured transactions are display in a grid in the centre of data entry screens, so you can quickly select a transaction to modify or delete.


  • Vat processing & Reports

    ProAcc permits vat processing to be done on client transactions. When client transactions are captured from the bank statements in ProAcc, a simple Yes / No query on each transaction, tells ProAcc whether there is vat or not on a transaction. At the end of the bi-monthly vat period, ProAcc can generate a detailed vat report, at the simple press of a button. The vat report calculates the total vat output, total vat input and the vat due to (or by) the Receiver of Revenue.

    By using ProAcc on a bi-monthly basis to calculate the VAT due to the Receiver Of Revenue, you are also completing the annual accounting work for your client. When the end of the year arrives, closing journal entries need only be posted to the ledger, since the rest of the accounting transactions has already been captured during the vat periods. 


  • Unique batch Unpost, Import and Export features

    All the transactions that are entered for a client in ProAcc, are entered in a batch. A batch is a temporary file which holds accounting transactions or entries.

    In ProAcc, a batch may be posted to the General ledger, or even unposted from the General Ledger. When a batch is unposted the transactions of the batch are completely removed from the General Ledger and Trial Balance. The batch can then be opened for editing in a Data Entry Window, where any transaction can be modified and deleted, or new transactions can even be inserted into the batch.

    ProAcc's unique unpost feature, can therefore be used to correct data capturing errors. Did you ever have the instance where a staff capture a set of bank statements to the wrong bank account in your accounting program ? If you did not have a backup of this client, correcting this error manually can be difficult and time consuming. With ProAcc you need only select the unpost option and the transactions of the batch are completely removed from the General Ledger and Trial Balance. Thereafter, you need simply change the bank account code of the Batch using ProAcc's Batch Setup option and then instruct ProAcc to re-post the batch to the ledger.


  • Editing of General Ledger Transactions

    ProAcc contains a unique facility to edit general ledger transactions quickly and easily. With this facility you can view any ledger account and modify any of the transactions in the account. You can even transfer transactions from one ledger account to another. And if you modify the amount or vat status of a transaction, ProAcc will automatically adjust the amount of the corresponding Bank / Vat account entry for you.


  • Monthly Accounting

    ProAcc supports up to 13 periods in a year and can therefore also be used for monthly accounting purposes. Transactions can be captured to any of these 13 periods at any stage.

    Financial statements can be prepared on any (or all) of the current year's (or prior year) periods using ProAcc's integrated spreadsheet. ProAcc also contains current & prior year comparative reports. 


  • Bank Reconciliation

ProAcc includes a Bank Reconciliation facility for producing bank reconciliation reports quickly and efficiently for any bank account in a client. The Bank Reconciliation window displays a list of all unpresented receipts and payments. To reconcile the bank simply scroll the list and mark all present receipts or payments appearing on the bank statement with a simple key press. Click the report button, and ProAcc automatically a detailed bank reconciliation report for you immediately.


  • Professional, High Quality Reports with support also for dot matrix printers.

    Trial Balance Report

    General Ledger Report

    ProAcc’s wide range of accounting reports (General Ledger, Trial Balance, Bank, Vat Reports etc) can be printed on any standard Laser or Inkjet printer. The reports are high quality, professional and are simple to read and understand. Reports may be previewed on screen, before printing, or even saved to disk in a file for later viewing.

    Unlike other windows based accounting packages, ProAcc includes support for printing text reports on dot matrix printers in 80 column, 132 column and 132 column condensed modes. Printing long ledger reports on laser and inkjet printers, may not be cost effective for your company and will be better suited for printing on a dot matrix printer.


  • Client Time Recording

ProAcc automatically tracks the amount of time spent on a client and calculates the fees due to you. Detailed time reports by date or client, may be viewed or printed at any time.

With this feature, you can easily determine whether you are making a profit or loss on a particular client. Also, a large amount of previously lost hours can now be invoiced and recovered.


  • Multi-User (optional)

ProAcc’s Network Edition allows multiple user’s to work simultaneously on a client. For instance, four or five users could be capturing bank statement transactions for a client, while another preparing the financial statements. With multiple staff working on a client at the same time, urgent work can be completed within days, instead of weeks. Once the client’s work is complete, you can print a time report, which will tell you how much time each staff spent on the client and the fees to billed to the client accordingly.

ProAcc’s Network Edition also supports workgroups - User groups can be created in ProAcc, and users & clients can be assigned to these user groups. Users can therefore only work with the clients that belong to their group. A user can also be given supervisory status in a particular group. Users with supervisory status of a group can view time reports on other users that belong to their group.

The network edition also offers the following security and access control features, not offered in other accounting software :

  • You can choose which features or section of the program a user has access to. For instance, new (or in-experienced) users can be restricted access to the unpost batch feature of ProAcc. Or, data capturing staff can be given access to the data entry options of ProAcc only, and restricted access to the financial reports section.

  • Network Monitoring : Network Administrators (or Partners) can monitor user’s with the network monitoring window in ProAcc. This window informs you : who is logged into ProAcc, which client’s they are working on, what they are doing in the client (eg. data entry, viewing or printing a report, preparing financial statements etc)

  • User’s can be forced to change their password’s periodically.

  • User’s on leave or holiday can be locked out of ProAcc, and re-instated when they return. Therefore no other user can use this user’s account while he/she is on leave.


  • Prior Year & Period balances history

ProAcc stores up to 5 prior year balances and last years period balances on file. automatically. Financial Statements can be prepared on any or all of the prior years and periods using ProAcc's integrated Spreadsheet and Word processor.


  • Locally developed and supported

  • ProAcc is locally developed and supported in South Africa. Other accounting software available for the accounting profession, have been developed overseas and imported by local distributors. Not only are these software expensive because of our rand/dollar exchange rate, but the developers of these programs concentrate on satisfying accountants across a vast range of regions and countries, who have different goals and requirements. Most often, the local support provided is poor and the local users of the software lag behind versions. The local distributors also can do little to update or improve the software for local users requirements.

    The aim of the developers of ProAcc is to remove these bottlenecks and problems. We have over 10 years of experience supporting accounting programs and users and are constantly updating and improving our software. Registered users of the software receive updates regularly and timeously.

    We know what problems local users experience and what features they require in the accounting software. For instance, our financial report writer is not based on a complex command based report writer, but a simple spreadsheet model with low learning curve. Most companies, using software based on a complex report writer, have resorted to typing financial statements on typewriters or word-processing software. The decrease in productivity and efficiency using these methods are tremendous.

    We have lots ideas and features for the next few releases of ProAcc, but we also urge users to submit suggestion or ideas so that we can improve ProAcc the way they want us to. We want your staff productivity and efficiency to increase, thereby enabling your practise to make more profit.