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Ace Remote Tools

Key Features

  • Watch or control the screen, keyboard and mouse of multiple computers located on your network or across the internet.

  • Access a remote computer behind a firewall without having to make any firewall (or router) configuration changes on the remote side. 1

  • Unlike most remote control software available on the market today, you can setup the Gateway on your own computer. There are NO royalties, monthly service fees or additional usage costs to be paid to a third provider.

  • Transfer files (or folders) to or from a remote computer using simple drag & drop operations.

  • Supports text chats or group conferencing.

  • Clipboard transfer - Copy text, graphics or other data from one computer and paste them to the second computer.

  • Safe and secure - automatically encrypts all data exchanged between computers with an optional secure key specified by you.

  • "WAN IP Informer" feature automatically maintains a web page with your latest IP address, so that users can seamlessly connect to your Gateway even if it is running on a dynamic IP address.

  • Small footprint for easy re-distribution amongst users (or customers). Ace Remote Host is a single exe file and approximately 600kb in size.

  • Allows you to brand the Host application with your company logo & details and include your own Gateway settings. The entire Host customisation can be packaged into a single installation file for easy re-distribution.

  • Allows you to run the remote control (or viewer) applications from a USB flash drive so you can support your customers wherever internet access is available.

  • Support for Windows 98, XP, 2000, 2003 & Vista.


1. Ace Remote Tools is based on the HTTP protocol. By simply enabling the Proxy configuration option on the Host, it will use the same settings to read and send its data to the internet as MS Internet Explorer does for browsing the Web. Alternatively, you may also specify your own proxy server settings. This means that Host can work in any corporate LAN and have full access to the internet.