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Ace Point of Sale


Ace Point Of Sale is available in a number of cost-effective editions. You can start of with the cash sales only Express  edition, and as your business needs grow, you can upgrade to the Standard or Professional edition, which provides even more features and benefits.

Express Standard Professional
  Cash Sales
  Cash Returns
  Credit Sales
  Credit Returns
  Docket Rounding
  Account Payments  
  Supervisor Authorisations
  POS Auditing Capability  
   - Track & monitor abuse of price overrides, discounts, returns etc      
  Suspend Sales supported   1 9
  Cash Up by Day
  Cash Up by Operator
  Convert Quotation to Sales    
  Convert Sales Orders to Sales    
  Enquiries & Reporting      
  - Sales
  - Transactions
  - Cash Up
  - POS Auditing  


  1. Ace POS does not operate independently. Requires an Ace Accounting Edition to be purchased and installed.
  2. A higher Ace POS edition cannot be used with a lower Ace Accounting Edition.
    For example: The Standard or Professional edition cannot be purchased and used with AceAcc Express Edition.
  3. It is permissible to purchase and use a lower Ace POS edition with a higher Ace Accounting Edition.
    For example: The Express edition can be purchased and used with AceAcc Standard, Professional, Enterprise Edition.
  4. Cash up by Operator not supported with Ace Accounting Express Edition.