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Ace Accounting

Standard & Add-on Modules

Our software is modular and allows you to start with our standard modules and add other modules as your needs grow - without losing your initial investment with our software.

Our Standard modules include:

  • Accounts Receivable (Debtors)
  • Accounts Payable (Creditors)
  • Inventory (Stock)
  • General Ledger 1

Add-on modules available for the Professional and Enterprise Editions:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Customer Deliveries
  • Installment Sale
  • Lay-By
  • Manufacturing
  • Point Of Sale 2
  • Price Matrix
  • Financial Reporting 1


  1. Ace Accounting's General Ledger and Financial Reporting modules offer the same features and benefits as ProAcc, which has been designed for professional accountants.

  2. Also available for the Express and Standard Editions

Accounts Receivable & Payable Module

  • 15 character alphanumeric account codes that can be changed at any time
  • Unlimited number of customers & supplier accounts allowed
  • Both 'balance brought forward' & 'open item' accounts accounts supported in the Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • New customer & supplier accounts can be created ‘on the fly’ during data entry
  • Notes can be attached to customers & supplier accounts. Use this to store any extra information. 
  • Easy to use payment allocations for open item accounts
  • Enquiries support drill down to source documents and General Ledger.
  • No month end required. Aging of accounts is calculated on the fly for any date or period.
  • Customisable aging intervals eg. 7, 14, 21, 30 days etc
  • Customer statements are fully customisable and can be printed on inkjet, laser or dot matrix printers
  • Supports emailing of customer statements in PDF, HTML or text formats.
  • Post-dated cheques report

Inventory Module

  • 15 character alphanumeric item codes and 50 character item descriptions that can be changed at any time
  • 3 pricing levels for each stock item
  • Number of decimals for quantities & prices can be defined
  • Document lines can be captured inclusive or exclusive of vat
  • Supports both line and total discounts
  • Instant stock updates - no batch processing 
  • Quotations, Sales Orders & Purchase Orders system included.
  • Invoices, Credit Notes, GRN's etc can be reprinted at any time
  • Incorrect Invoices, Credit Notes etc can be unposted from customer accounts and corrected.
  • Supports both full or partial integration with General Ledger

General Ledger Module

  • Supports both yearly and monthly accounting. Up to 13 periods supported for monthly accounting.
  • Includes a pre-defined customisable charts of accounts
  • No period end required - completely date driven.
  • Unique facility to edit posted general ledger transactions quickly and easily, without the need to create journal entries.
  • Unique batch unpost, import and export features
  • Automatic profit distribution and balance forwarding at year end.
  • Easy to use Bank Reconciliation facility & reports.
  • Monthly & yearly Trial Balance & Ledger Reports
Financial Reporting Module
  • Features an integrated MS Excel compatible Spreadsheet which is linked to the trial balance
  • Using the spreadsheet’s set of accounting and spreadsheet functions you can prepare professional financial statements quickly and easily
  • To get you started immediately, financial statement templates are provided with the module. The templates include complete IFRS compliant financial statements for : companies, close corporations, sole proprietors, partnerships, trusts etc. 
  • Both yearly and monthly financials statements can be produced

Price Matrix Module

  • This module permits you to have a unique price per customer per stock item. 
  • Invoicing uses the unique price or standard price as appropriate
  • Once a stock item is invoiced to a customer at a particular price, the invoiced price is stored in the price matrix against this customer & stock item.
  • A unique price list for a particular customer can be viewed or printed at any time reflecting unique customer prices or standard prices as appropriate.

Lay-By Module

  • This module permits you to sell your goods on Lay-By to customers
  • Each Lay-By can have its own due date (60, 90, 120 days etc)
  • A customer can have multiple Lay-By transactions simultaneously.
  • Reports provided to keep a track of Lay-By transactions.
  • Statements can be sent to Lay-By customers.
  • Inventory Reports reflect quantity of stock on Lay-By per stock code.
  • Once a customer has paid the Lay-By in full, the Lay-By can be converted to an Invoice.
  • A Lay-By can also be cancelled and the customer charged an optional cancellation fee. The balance on the lay-by account is thereafter refunded to the customer.