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Ace Accounting

Demo Edition

When you install Ace Accounting for the first time, the software will allow you to activate the Demo Edition of Ace Accounting for 14 days. The Demo Edition is fully functional and allows you to evaluate the Professional Edition together with the Point Of Sale & Financial Reporting add-on modules. The Edition is however restricted in the following ways :

  • Demo message is printed on accounting reports and financial statements
  • Maximum Batches in a Module : 13
  • Maximum Transactions in a batch : 100
  • Maximum Companies that can be created : 3
  • Maximum Financial Reports : 6

We also offer a free, no obligation, 30 day license (on any number of your PC's) for any of our editions without any of the above restrictions. To obtain this free 30 day license, you can download the software and use the 'Register by email' option within the software to request this free license via email for one of our editions.

Alternatively, you can contact us at (031) 307-1699 or 083-786-9876 and tell the operator that you would like a 'free 30 day license' for an edition. The operator will provide you with a code that will activate the 30 day unrestricted license.

If you experience any problems installing or using the demo edition, do not hesitate to email us for assistance at

Download Demo Edition now