Business Solutions through Innovation

About MicroAce


MicroAce is primarily a software development company specialising in accounting software solutions for small to medium sized enterprises and professional accountants. We are one the few South African IT companies, that provide a wide range of software solutions for both enterprises and accountants.


Established in 1994, initially as an information technology provider for enterprises, MicroAce quickly took advantage of the lack of professional accounting software for accountants, and released ProAcc with great success in 1997. Its financial reporting capabilities via its integrated spreadsheet and unique batch unposting features, was unmatched by competing software. In 2000, we released Ace Accounting, another successful accounting package targeting small to medium size enterprises.


MicroAce aims to satisfy the growing needs of small to medium size businesses and the professional accounting industry by providing these users with immediate and ongoing support of affordable, productive and user-friendly accounting software.